Participation Award

The participation award is based on the results of a quiz with 27 questions about the papers provided by the authors.

Based on the number of correct answers we award one first place and two second places to:
1st place: Ole Wegen
2nd places: Christian Altenhofen and Alexander Komar

Best Paper Award

The best paper awards were selected by the best paper committee composed of Marc Alexa, Björn Andres, and Michael Krone.

Best Paper Award:
Hennes Rave, Vladimir Molchanov, and Lars Linsen: Axes Bundling and Brushing in Star Coordinates

Two not ranked Honorable Mention Awards:
Moritz Knabben, Martin Baumann, Tanja Blascheck, Thomas Ertl, and Steffen Koch: Visualizing Temporal-Thematic Patterns in Text Collections
Christoph Buchenau and Michael Guthe: Real-Time Curvature-aware Re-Parametrization and Tessellation of Bézier Surfaces