VC4Future Workshop

© photo by Nils Eisfeld

Strategy Workshop Visual Computing for Future

Even though corona pandemic was quite challenging, climate crisis is significantly more difficult to tackle. Climate tipping points, growth of population and land use, extensive pollution and GHG emission demands for significant transformation of our society where we all need to help. In this strategy workshop we want to discuss the role of visual computing researchers in this transformation process. After a short impulse talk of the general VMV chair Stefan Gumhold three breakout sessions moderated by Raimund Dachselt, Matthew McGinity and Stefan Gumhold explore how visual computing research can help for an environmentally sustainable development with respect to the fields of action research, teaching and governance. Brainstorming and discussion is done on shared whiteboards, where all participants can post their ideas. The results are summarized in the last 15min by the moderators. Based on the outcome we envision the initiative to write a position paper.