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A time slot of 20 minutes is available for each paper. The actual talk should not exceed 15 minutes, leaving 5 minutes for discussion. All times are CEST.

Event page in the Eurographics digital library:

Monday, Sept. 27Visual Data Science, Session Chair: Jürgen Bernard                     
11:00 Axes Bundling and Brushing in Star Coordinates  >Details
Hennes Rave, Vladimir Molchanov, Lars Linsen
11:20 Visualizing Temporal-Thematic Patterns in Text Collections  >Details
Moritz Knabben, Martin Baumann, Tanja Blascheck, Thomas Ertl, Steffen Koch
11:40 Visual Comparison of Multi-label Classification Results  >Details
Cedric Krause, Shivam Agarwal, Mohammad Ghoniem, Fabian Beck
Monday, Sept. 27Smooth Surfaces & Volumes, Session Chair: Rhaleb Zayer
14:30Real-Time Gaussian-Product Subdivision on the GPU  >Details
Alexander Komar, Reinhold Preiner
14:50GPU-Parallel Constant-Time Limit Evaluation of Catmull-Clark Solids  >Details
Sebastian Besler, Christian Altenhofen, André Stork, Dieter Fellner
15:10Real-Time Curvature-aware Re-Parametrization and Tessellation of Bézier Surfaces  >Details
Christoph Buchenau, Michael Guthe
15:30Refinable multi-sided caps for bi-quadratic splines  >Details
Kestutis Karciauskas, Jorg Peters
Tuesday, Sept. 28Capturing & Rendering, Session Chair: Silvia Di Gregorio
10:35Capturing Anisotropic SVBRDFs  >Details
Julian Kaltheuner, Lukas Bode, Reinhard Klein
10:55Context Aware Exemplar-based Image Inpainting using Irregular Patches  >Details
Cedrique Fotsing, Douglas Cunningham
11:15FERMIUM: A Framework for Real-time Procedural Point Cloud Animation and Morphing  >Details
Ole Wegen, Florence Böttger, Jürgen Döllner, Matthias Trapp
11:35SuBloNet: Sparse Super Block Networks for Large Scale Volumetric Fusion  >Details
Darius Rückert, Marc Stamminger
Tuesday, Sept. 28Visual Parameter Space Analysis, Session Chair: Tobias Günther         
13:30LayoutExOmizer: Interactive Exploration and Optimization of 2D Data Layouts  >Details
Philipp Schader, Raphael Beckmann, Lukas Graner, Juergen Bernard
13:50EMCA: Explorer of Monte Carlo based Algorithms  >Details
Lukas Ruppert, Christoph Kreisl, Nils Blank, Sebastian Herholz, Hendrik Lensch
14:10CoSi: Visual Comparison of Similarities in High-Dimensional Data Ensembles  >Details
Anja Heim, Eduard Gröller, Christoph Heinzl