Media Submission Guide

Media Submission Guide


The following items are required for your contribution to the workshop program and representation of your contribution on the VMV 2021 website and media channels, all of which need to be submitted until Sept. 16th, 2021:

  • 50sec. spotlight video (spotlight.mp4)
  • max. 15min. video recording of your talk (talk.mp4)
  • Teaser image (teaser.png)
  • [optional] Teaser text (teaser.txt)
  • Signed consent form (consent_form.pdf)

You can include the optional teaser text if you want to put an additional caption under your teaser image. If you don’t submit it, only the teaser image and the abstract of your paper will appear on the webpage. Please put all these files into a Zip archive (for structure and naming convention, see below) and upload this archive to the link provided to you in our email about the next steps for authors.

Guidelines on how to record your spotlight video and talk as well as (file-) format requirements are provided in the separate media creation guide.

Media Submission

Zip Archive Contents

50sec. spotlight video
A spotlight video advertising your work. Please try to hit the target length of 50 seconds as closely as possible. Don’t include any title screen in the spotlight video, as we will prepend it with a standardized 5 seconds long title card that includes your paper title and author information.
15min. video recording
A screen recording of your presentation, preferably with a video recording of the speaker superimposed in a suitable corner of the presentation. The presentation video must not exceed 15 minutes, so at least 5 minutes are left for Q&A and transitioning to the next presentation.
Teaser image
A teaser image showcasing your main result(s). A key graphical element reproduced from your paper is also fine. Should have an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a resolution of at least 1920×1080.
[optional] Teaser text
If your teaser image would benefit from additional textual exposition, you can provide an image caption. This caption should not exceed 100 words or 600 characters.
Signed publication consent form
This form is required for us to be able to host the teaser content on our webpage and Youtube. You should have received a download link for the form via email. This form must be filled and signed by the author that will register as the speaker. If you cannot sign cryptographically, patching a photo of your signature into the document ‒ or printing it out and scanning the signed version ‒ is perfectly acceptable. Just ensure that the file you submit is in PDF format.

File naming

The naming of the individual files inside your Zip archive should follow the names in the content table above exactly. As for the Zip archive itself, please observe the following naming scheme:
where <id> is your SRM paper submission id, and <v##> signifies a revision number (made up of the character ‘v’ followed by 2 decimal digits). If you wish to correct your media submission before the dealine, please upload a new zip archive with this revision number increased by one. We will use the file with the highest revision number.

As an example, consider two revisions of a hypothetical media submission for the paper with the ID 1234. After the first upload, the author decided that they want to include a teaser text after all, resulting in the second revision:
  │ consent_form.pdf
  │ spotlight.mp4
  │ talk.mp4
  │ teaser.png
  │ consent_form.pdf
  │ spotlight.mp4
  │ talk.mp4
  │ teaser.png
  │ teaser.txt